About Our Company

River Diamonds is a mining company known for producing high-quality, large diamonds and gold. Our focus is on diamond value management by optimizing recovery and driving down unit costs, in order to provide shareholders with the potential for growth and added value.

With gold and diamond projects in Fiji, Sierra Leone and Brazil, River Diamonds is one of the top mining companies in the world to watch. Stocks saw an optimistic surge in 2017, and gold and diamonds are now the hottest investment options. Simply put, mining is changing but the beautiful results are not. The diamond and gold mines of the world are still waiting to be discovered, but these four are already sharing their bounty with us. River Diamonds has risen above its competition by offering regular dividends to investors.

Led by CEO Larry Isbell, River Diamonds has risen to asset valuations of over $300 million in 4 years. And the company’s vision of the future includes automated mining in the form of robot miners. Tapping into deposits that humans cannot reach is the way of the mining future, and River Diamonds will be there every step of the way.